Be Heard

Our Be Heard panel series empowers community through conversation. What began as a space to spotlight female entrepreneurs has branched out to encompass a range of topics including social justice and environmental causes.

Diversity + Inclusion

We seek, value, and celebrate diversity and inclusivity in our organization. Together, we are accountable for creating a culture that is built on curiosity, respect, and trust. We believe in having bold conversations that consciously seek a range of perspectives on issues that matter to our employees and our customers. By embracing our shared values and differences, we will establish common ground and an open, dynamic workspace. Through these commitments, we strive to bring meaningful positive impact to our company and communities.


From volunteer opportunities like our annual Earth Day park clean up to food donation drives for City Harvest, we encourage our team to get involved in their communities. Internally, Theory and Uniqlo co-hosted a Sustainability Summit in 2021 uniting employees from both brands in think tanks that addressed community engagement initiatives, waste reduction, recycling, product repair, and more.

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